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The X and Dissipation

What you see here is the original packaging (which nicely fits a compact disc and liner notes) for the 2nd release by Grand Junction’s V-HOLD, a locally influential noise artist who, after starting his own label, Holodeck Art Records, released two LPs and one EP under the V-HOLD moniker.
The EP is unfortunately sold out as of this writing due to a limited run of 25.
This artist is a personal friend of mine and I’m proud to be affiliated with his incredible work.
There are currently 30 copies available of the pictured 11 track album, The X and Dissipation.
Click on the photo to purchase your very own.
But before you subject yourself to a cochlear vivisection , you’ll want to watch this video for a track from the self titled LP, to get you into a romantic mood.
Here’s the first five tracks sure to rain terror on your Brodmann Area 41 :


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