About OW

This poetry magazine is only published in physical format.


We publish poetry which excites.  We enjoy bringing the reader to the edge of the human psyche.

This publication began in April 2013.

In addition to editing, we do all the formatting and layout ourselves, utilizing skills in photography, graphic design, art direction and literary magazine editing.


We take the time the produce a high-quality little magazine,  utilizing arcane craft tools such as stamp kits, vintage typewriters (which I collect and maintain), a sewing machine instead of a stapler, and special paper, whether it be a certain size or cotton blend, but the paper used is always scented.

Stamp Kit


New issues do come out once monthly, but sometimes we get behind… and sometimes really behind, but stick with the kid, baby, you’ll get your OW fix sooner or later.

Neenah Bond

Our circulation is currently 100 copies per issue.  They are distributed by hand based on a subscription list, and by United States Postal Service, and currently there are spots available.  And while we can ship you (usually one) complimentary copy per address (but currently no back issues), recipient only pays for shipping (for addresses in the contiguous United States, we charge $6 per).


Copies are free of charge currently, but this may change in the future, as circulation increases and production costs go up,  but we have decided to forgo any advertising by for-profit businesses for the benefit of the reader.


Also, there are copies of past issues available for local check-out at this Denver area library.

To get your paws on a copy of the latest issue, or to submit poetry, contact us at ossuary.whispers@gmail.com

Submission guidelines:

Our reading period for poetry submissions is currently year-round.  Simultaneous submissions are acceptable.  

Submit up to three (3)  poems, 150 words or less, to the above email address as an attachment with your contact information (mailing address).

The following formats are acceptable:  .doc, .docx or .rtf  

Contributors are compensated in the form of two (2) copies; one of the issue in which their work appears and one of the subsequent issue, with no shipping charge.


We seek after material which is psychologically stimulating, other-worldly, morally questioning, eery, frightening, gory, startling, powerful, explicit yet meaningful, poignant yet subjective.


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